Tea Filters - Unbleached & Compostable

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Our easy to fill tea filters are unbleached and compostable. Simple fill with your favorite Hot Elephant Tea and immerse in your tea cup or pot.

We have chosen the size of tea filters to be versatile, so you can make between 1 to 3 cups of tea per filter.

Approximate dimensions: 82mm (w) x 157mm (l) x 42mm (gusset)

What’s the difference between Compostable & biodegradable?

The labels ‘compostable’ and ‘biodegradable’ are often mistakenly thought of as interchangeable – we know it can be confusing! Our tea filters are compostable, and we think that’s better. Here is why:

If something is compostable, it is capable of decomposing back into natural elements, but it is able to do so under compostable conditions (i.e. you can do this at home in your compost bin). You can compost our tea filters with the tea still in it, so no more mess.

If something is biodegradable, it is also capable of decomposing back into natural elements, under certain conditions. However, it requires the right temperature and moisture and it is unlikely that your home compost will reach these conditions (and it can take a very long time!). Biodegradable tea filters will most likely require industrial food waste systems designed to break down biodegradable materials more quickly.