Mildly Minty Infused Tea

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Our much-loved English Breakfast Tea with the perfect infusion of pretty peppermint! A classic cup with a touch of minty brilliance!


Revitalise your senses with our magical Mildly Minty tea. Our English Breakfast combines superior tea leaves from the Dimbula region in Sri Lanka, Kericho in Kenya and Nilgiri in India. We expertly blend this with just the right amount of cool, whole leaf peppermint to make a wholesome, fresh and uplifting cup.

Available in 50g and 75g pouches and tins.

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The English Breakfast tea is medium bodied with floral notes and a bright colour. The tea grade is Flowery Pekoe (FP), meaning that the tea leaves consist of small unbroken leaves and buds that unfurl beautifully whilst brewing. Our outstanding pure peppermint leaves are from the second cut (the best one!), grown 1700 feet above sea level in Washington State, USA. With a refreshing taste, this tea is particularly satisfying with or after a meal.

Sourced through members of the Ethical Tea Partnership.

Can be enjoyed with or without milk and sweetened to taste. We would recommend brewing for 2-3 minutes.

Ingredients: Luxury black tea (loose leaf), Luxury Peppermint leaves (loose)

Allergy information: Not produced in an allergen-free environment. May contain traces of nut and sesame. Please contact us prior to consumption if you have any queries relating to allergens.