Exceptional Earl Grey Infused Tea

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A wonderfully refreshing Earl Grey Tea carefully infused with sun ripened, dried orange peel, lemongrass and blue cornflower petals delivering a cup with an exciting citrus zing.


When you open the packet, you will be struck not only by the zesty fragrance but the vibrant orange, greens and blues running through the tea, truly making it something different and very special!

We love also making an iced tea (check out our iced tea 'c'update/blog) with Hot Elephant’s Infused Earl Grey. We add a slice or two of fresh orange or lemon and lots of ice, which really quenches thirsts on a warm day.

Available in 50g, 75g and 100g pouches; and 50g and 75g tins.

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These tea leaves have been specially selected from Sri Lanka to form the perfect medium bodied Infused Earl Grey. The tea grade is unbroken Orange Pekoe (OP). OP refers to tea leaves that are next to the buds and are considered to be one of the finest types of tea. The citrus aroma and vivid colours will brighten up any cup!

The tea is sourced through members of the Ethical Tea Partnership.

Best served without milk. Can be served hot and is also cool and refreshing as an iced tea.

Interesting fact: Earl Grey is named after Charles Grey, the second Earl Grey, who was British Prime Minister from 1830 to 1834. It is said that he received a gift of tea that was flavoured with bergamot oil.

Ingredients: Luxury black tea (loose), naturally dried orange peel, cornflower petals, lemongrass and natural flavours.

Allergy information: Not produced in an allergen-free environment. May contain traces of nut and sesame. Please contact us prior to consumption if you have any queries relating to allergens.

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