Docile Dragon Well Green Tea (Long Jing)

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A smooth and relaxing superior green tea.


Long Jing Tea, which literally means ‘Dragon Well’ Tea was historically served to emperors. It is a soothing tea with a delicate aroma and natural taste. Make yourself a distinctively mellow cup that will calm the busiest of moments, allowing you to royally relax.

Enjoyed hot or iced (check out our iced tea 'c'update/blog).

Available in 50g and 75g pouches and tins.

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These exceptional tasting tea leaves are distinctively flat with a deep green colour. They are harvested 500m above sea level in the San Shai region of Taiwan. Even though Long Jing tea is usually associated with China, we selected these carefully hand-picked leaves as we think the taste is a bit special! Once picked, they are expertly pan fried, rolled and dried. The tea is roasted very soon after being picked, locking in the flavour. This gives it a light bodied and natural taste. It also means that it retains a high portion of antioxidants giving it many health benefits.

This tea is sourced through members of the Ethical Tea Partnership.

Best enjoyed by brewing at 80-90°C (or boil the kettle and leave for around 5 minutes before steeping). Brew for 2-4 minutes. Best served without milk.

Interesting fact: In March 2012, the China News Service reported that Dragon Well tea was worth more than it’s weight in gold when 500g of tea shoots sold for $28,000 (around £43,000)!

Ingredients: Premium Green Tea

Allergy information: Not produced in an allergen-free environment. May contain traces of nut and sesame. Please contact us prior to consumption if you have any queries relating to allergens.