Delicious Darjeeling Chai Tea (Single Origin)

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50A delightfully bright and refreshing single origin Darjeeling tea (known as the ‘Champagne of Tea’) combines beautifully with our generations old (and secret!) chai recipe. We are a big fan of this tea all of the time, but particularly when we are busy as it seems to make us feel lighter on our feet!


We had a challenge when we first started to create our Darjeeling Chai because of the inherent delicacy of the tea leaves. But, we knew that if we got it right, we could create something very special. Thankfully, we found this Darjeeling tea from the Tukdah Tea Estate and with our unique blend of spices, it makes a fascinating cup with distinctive muscatel notes and delicate nuttiness.

The magic (and secret) of the chai recipe is how Hot Elephant freshly grinds the pure rich cinnamon, fragrant cardamom, warming cloves, earthy black pepper and refreshing ginger to perfectly release the flavours. Anytime of the day, add spice to your cup and brighten your day!

Available in 50g, 75g and 100g pouches; and 50g and 75g tins

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Only around 80 tea gardens in the world are able to produce tea that can be called Darjeeling. These gardens are spread over seven main valleys in one district in West Bengal, India. It is a beautifully lush region that lies in the hilly beginnings of the North Eastern Himalayas.

The uniqueness of the region makes Darjeeling a tea without equal and hence its well-deserved reputation as the ‘Champagne of Tea’.

The Tukdah Estate is truly a shimmering jewel in the Darjeeling crown sitting high up in the beautiful hills, bathed with incredible amounts of monsoon rain.

We picked tea leaves from the Tukdah Estate as they provided us with the perfect balance of delicacy, the unmistakeable muscatel (fruity and aromatic) character in a refreshing medium bodied Darjeeling tea, which we think you’ll love.

Our Darjeeling Tea is Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe (TGFOP). ‘Golden’ refers to a higher proportion of sought-after buds from the Darjeeling tea plant. ‘Flowery Orange Pekoe’ are tea leaves that are the end bud and first fine and tender leaf of each shoot, which together are the best bits of the Darjeeling Tea plant.

The Takduh Tea Estate is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership. It employs over 800 people, who are well cared for with free housing, schooling, hospital care and places of worship. Situated high in the hills, the estate produces finished tea to a very high standard.

Can be enjoyed with or without milk and sweeten to taste. We would recommend brewing this tea lightly and for no more than 2-3 minutes in order to best appreciate the delicacy of the tea. The longer you brew for, the lighter the taste of the tea will become and the spices will become stronger.

Interesting fact: The word Darjeeling is derived from the Tibetan word ‘dorje’, meaning thunderbolt and ‘ling’ - the Sanskrit word, meaning land.

Ingredients: Luxury Black Darjeeling Tea (loose-leaf), ground spices: cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and black pepper.

Allergy information: Not produced in an allergen-free environment. May contain traces of nut and sesame. Please contact us prior to consumption if you have any queries relating to allergens.