Customer Reviews

 SC – 19 May 2019

“We absolutely loved it!

We had such an amazing experience from the start to finish. The ordering process was so easy and the packing feels luxurious and it's impeccable. Most importantly, the tea tastes amazing!!! We ordered two packs to start with - delicious darjeeling and amazing assam. The amazing assam tastes very smooth and it goes perfectly with a drop of milk. We had delicious darjeeling without milk and we wanted to taste the original tea leaves ... Thank you so much and we would not hesitate to recommend Hot-Ele to all our family and friends!” Delicious Darjeeling Classic Tea (Single Origin) - Loose Leaf

NLC - 17 May 2019

"Fantastic service we bought spiced tea on Saturday and almost finished it need to place another order soon."

RK - 11 May 2019

"Received my tea today wow really nice - Thanks"

 The Tipsy Botanist - 12 April 2019

“HAPPY FRIDAY!! Ok so not our typical post, however still related we had to rave about this because it's exactly our cuppa tea introducing Surrey based luxury Teasmiths Hot Elephant or @hot.ele for short. Like/Follow and try their amazing Tea.”

NG - 5 March 2019

"Having a cup of lovely spiced tea right now after giving a two hour lecture."

Jewelled Buddha - 1 March 2019

"With Fairtrade Fortnight in full swing I’ve already switched from my current brand of tea to Hot Elephant - Luxury Spiced, Infused & Classic Tea.

It’s a gorgeous mix of loose leaf tea with a unique blend of spices. Aromatic cardoman, invigorating ginger and warming black pepper and cloves.

I love that it’s ethically produced and with my trip to India looming, it’s getting me through all the prep for the journey.

In India, the tea is made by boiling whole spices and loose leaf tea together, then adding milk and sugar. Delicious, creamy and sweet."

Foxglove - 28 February 2019

JB – 15 January 2019

"A tasty cup of tea

A very refreshing and excellent flavour, makes this a very fine cup of tea at any time of day, highly recommended !” – Amazing Assam Classic Tea (Single Origin) - Loose Leaf

TG – 9 January 2019

Amazing Tea

Tried this for the exciting spices! A great taste and spices very warming. Highly recommend” Amazing Assam Spiced Tea (Single Origin) - Loose leaf

JV - 8 January 2019

"Some of the most exciting teas we’ve tasted. Really original selection. Will definitely be back for more."