About us

Hi and welcome to Hot Elephant.  It’s no secret that I love tea, especially a spiced up cup!  It is from this that Hot Elephant was born.

For me, the answer to “shall I put the kettle on?” is always a yes!  Growing up, I remember the kitchen filling up with the aroma of wonderfully fragrant spices as they were carefully ground and lovingly blended with tea to create the perfect hot drink.  

The chai recipe is one that has been handed down over generations and from my mother, it came to me.  Whenever I made a cup for friends, they would ask “what’s in it?” and “can we have some to take home?” And so it began...I would make occasional jars for friends, grinding the specially selected fragrant spices and pairing them with very fine tea leaves.

As I grew up, my tastes broadened and I tried teas from different regions all over the world and experimented with what worked and what didn’t.  Whether it was tea from Assam, Darjeeling, Sri Lanka or Kenya, each time I combined them with our treasured chai recipe, the unique and fragrant flavours lifted the cup and the taste was always different but something truly special.  The joy came from both tasting a new tea and how it was elevated when combined with the spices.

It is the precise balance of soothing cinnamon, aromatic cardamom, warming cloves, uplifting ginger and earthy pepper that gives the perfect spiced up cup.

Tea and spices have been used for thousands of years and are said to have several health benefits but that aside, our drinks are simply delicious.   

I am now delighted to share with you our range of specially selected teas, which whenever and however you choose to enjoy them, deliver a cup that will delight your taste buds! 

So join us and spice up your cup!

We would love to know what you think so please do share your thoughts with us at hello@hot-ele.com or on social media.

With love,

Founder and creator of Hot Elephant