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Amazing Assam Classic Tea (Single Origin) - Loose Leaf

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Amazing Assam Classic Tea (Single Origin) - Loose Leaf - Hot Elephant

A luxurious full bodied and invigorating single origin Assam tea. We love the bright and coppery tea leaves, with its classic Assam maltiness makes for a luxurious cup at any time of the day!

This tea infuses quickly and we think that the unique layers of flavour are best appreciated by lightly brewing it (our suggestion is 2-3 minutes). If you fancy a stronger cup, brew for longer and the colour of the tea will transform from coppery to dark honey...perfect with a splash of milk!

Available in 50g (2 x 25g pouches - great for when you are out and about), 75g and 100g pouches.

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Assam is the world’s largest tea-growing region and our tea is grown on the Tarajulie Tea Estate, 699 hectares idyllically nestled between the Gabharu and Dipota Rivers. The abundant rainfall, tropical climate and clear rivers that deposit rich minerals into the estate’s soil, give our tea leaves a taste that is full of character.

Tarajulie Estate Assam Tea is generally harvested four times a year. We have chosen the leaves from the second flush, harvested in late spring, as these are very highly valued for their full bodied and malty flavour.

The tea grade of our Assam Tea is Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe (FBOP). ‘Flowery Orange Pekoe’ are tea leaves that are the end bud and first fine and tender leaf of each shoot which are amongst the best bits of the Assam Tea plant. These provide a leaf with invigorating properties and a sure sign of quality. 

The Tarajulie Tea Estate is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership, it has around 1,000 people who live there with their families, all with access to housing, healthcare and education.

Can be enjoyed with or without milk and sweeten to taste. 

Interesting fact: The Tarajulie Estate first planted tea in 1884, the same year that the first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary was printed.

Ingredients: Luxury Black Assam Tea (loose-leaf)

Allergy information: Not produced in an allergen-free environment. May contain traces of nut and sesame. Please contact us prior to consumption if you have any queries relating to allergens.

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